Colo. woman allegedly fatally stabbed, cut boyfriend’s penis off during fight over paternity

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun14,2024

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (TCD) — Police arrested a 32-year-old woman for allegedly cutting off her boyfriend’s penis and stabbing him during an argument about whether he was the father of her child.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department, on Tuesday, May 14, at 8:50 p.m., officers were called to a location on Market Street regarding an unresponsive male with a suspected knife wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators identified Shenting Guo as the suspect and arrested her on a charge of second-degree murder while in the heat of passion and domestic violence.

An affidavit cited by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel says Guo told police the victim was her boyfriend and she believed she was pregnant. They reportedly got into a dispute about the paternity and she stabbed him in the leg.

The affidavit reportedly says Guo “said she was not trying to kill him but admitted to stabbing him because she was ‘so angry.'” Then, she allegedly cut off his penis.

According to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Guo did not think the victim was in pain, but she went to a store and purchased rubbing alcohol, beer, and medicine. Later that day, the victim reportedly said he was cold and believed he was going to die. She fed him Propel water, “greens,” and Advil, and he died soon after.

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By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Colo. woman allegedly fatally stabbed, cut boyfriend’s penis off during fight over paternity”
  1. How could someone be capable of such a horrific act over a paternity dispute? What drives a person to these extremes in a relationship?

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