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CNN host presses NYC mayor on claims of ‘outside agitators’ at student protests 

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May13,2024

CNN anchor Erin Burnett pressed New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) on his claims of “outside agitators” at the recent pro-Palestinian protests at Columbia University.

“Do you have any ability at this point to tell us how many of those were ‘outside agitators’ and how many of them were students at Columbia University?” Burnett said on her CNN show Wednesday, in a clip highlighted by Mediaite.

Adams responded that there was “clear evidence of training that was conducted by an outside agitator, that was not a student, did not belong on the campus.”

“In addition to that, we saw people participating and allowing people access to Hamilton Hall,” Adams continued, referring to the building on Columbia’s campus that was taken over by protestors on Tuesday morning.

Adams then said he “received a letter from the school” and that in that letter, the school claimed that there were “outside individuals who were on the grounds, [participating} [in] this activity.”

Burtnett then questioned if there would be a “breakdown” from Adams’ office or the New York Police Department on how many of the students that were arrested Tuesday night were actually Columbia students.

“Here’s what we can do, we’re allowed to do,” Adams said. “We’re going to give the complete list of those who are arrested and turn it over to the school, and the school will make the determination. We’re not going to release student’s name[s], but the school can make the determination of giving you a breakdown… of the difference between students and non-students. They would have that authorization to do so.”

Adams’ comments follow violence erupting at Columbia University the previous night, as the New York Police Department (NYPD) cracked down on pro-Palestinian protesters at the school.

The New York mayor said Tuesday at a press conference that the protests at Columbia were “co-opted by professional outside agitators.”

Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

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2 thoughts on “CNN host presses NYC mayor on claims of ‘outside agitators’ at student protests ”
  1. It’s concerning to hear about the presence of ‘outside agitators’ infiltrating the student protests at Columbia University. Mayor Adams’ acknowledgment of this issue and the need for transparency moving forward is crucial to address the situation effectively.

  2. Can you clarify how the authorities determine the distinction between ‘outside agitators’ and Columbia University students during the recent protests?

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