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Sad news as Faraz, the Bondi attack victim who was supposed to be partying on April 24, will now be laid to rest instead

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May22,2024
Key Points
  • Faraz Tahir’s funeral will take place at a Sydney mosque a day after he would have celebrated his birthday.
  • Tahir’s friends described him as a supportive volunteer always available to help.
  • NSW Premier Chris Minns has not ruled out strengthening knife laws.
Caution: Aspects of this story and details of the attack may be disturbing to some readers.
Faraz Tahir is set to be buried more than a year after seeking asylum in Australia, after escaping persecution in Pakistan.
Following his death in an attack at on 13 April, his community has rallied by flying members of his family to Australia for his funeral service.

A community spokesperson has confirmed with SBS Urdu that Tahir’s funeral will take place on Friday, 26 April, at Sydney’s Baitul Huda Mosque.

The student, who was working as a security guard at the busy shopping centre at the time of his death, leaves behind three brothers and two sisters, having previously lost both his parents.
Shiraz Tahir, his younger brother in Pakistan, said the close-knit family was grappling with the immense loss.
“If he were still with us, he’d be gearing up for a birthday bash on 24 April,” Tahir’s brother said.
“But now we will have his funeral on 26 April (instead).”

Shiraz said his brother had maintained a sense of humour even during stressful times and was looking forward to a “brighter future” in Australia.

Faraz Tahir was in Sri Lanka before coming to Australia in 2023.jpeg

Faraz Tahir was in Sri Lanka before arriving in Australia in 2023.

Shajar Ahmed, the operations manager of the security company that had employed Tahir, was one of the first people to meet him after arriving in Australia.

“I helped him out with finding a job and getting started with his education here,” Ahmed said.
In 2019, Tahir left Pakistan and headed to Sri Lanka as an asylum seeker.
In 2023, he made his way to Melbourne on a refugee visa, before relocating to Brisbane, where his aunt and cousin reside.
He then moved to Sydney and was looking forward to a settled life, his brother said.
Ahmed said his friend often chose to take night shifts to accommodate his workload as a student but that on the day of the attack, he had agreed to take a day shift at the Bondi complex, his first at the location.

Shiraz said on the day of the incident, his brother “… had initially planned to celebrate Eid with friends over the weekend after completing his shift, but sadly, that evening never materialised”.

Faraz Tahir (L) with his siblings in Pakistan 2018.jpeg

Faraz Tahir (L) with his siblings in Pakistan in 2018.

Ahmed said he shares a strong connection with on-duty security guards, including Muhammad Taha, who was injured in Saturday’s attack.

Ahmed said he had offered both men support following their arrivals in Australia and had been making regular visits to Taha’s bedside while he was hospitalised.
Ahmed said his understanding of the tragic events at the centre was that despite sustaining his injuries, Tahir still managed to alert the security company on wireless radio, prompting others to respond.

“Undoubtedly, this timely alert played a role in saving lives,” Ahmed added.

‘Treasured memories’

Ahmed said it was important to remember Tahir for the “lasting impression he had made on those fortunate enough to know him”.

“As we mourn his sudden passing, may we find solace in the treasured memories he leaves behind and the enduring influence of his legacy,” he said.

‘Tougher knife laws’

Questions over the need for have been raised following the incident.
In addition to the attack, a hospitalised two clergymen on April 15, while in the week prior an 18-year-old was killed and a 19-year-old wounded in a knife attack near a school in the Sydney suburb of Doonside.
NSW Premier Chris Minns said he won’t rule out strengthening knife laws.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has confirmed that Taha has been offered permanent residency.

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  1. It’s heartbreaking to hear about Faraz’s tragic death. He should have been celebrating his birthday, but now he will be laid to rest instead. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

  2. Will there be any updates on how the community is supporting Faraz Tahir’s family after this tragic incident?

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