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Boeing 737 skids off runway and bursts into flames with 73 terrified passengers onboard

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May19,2024

A Boeing 737 carrying 73 terrified passengers had a horrifying skid off the runway when its wing dangerously ignited within moments of take-off.

The shocking scenes unfolded at Blaise Diagne International Airport near Dakar, Senegal, when the aircraft’s left wing and engine suddenly burst into flames due to a hydraulic problem during acceleration.

Footage captured the chilling aftermath, showing a blanket of fire-suppressant foam engulfing the beleaguered Transair plane’s wing.

More gut-wrenching still are the images of the charred aircraft embedded in the dirt, with a gaping hole visible in the now foam-covered aflame left engine.

Approximately 11 people were injured as 73 passengers scrambled for safety, while four are said to be severely wounded. As a consequence, all flights have been suspended at Senegal’s largest airport.

A company operating domestic and international routes, Transair is based out of Blaise Diagne airport.

Global aviation watchdog Jacdec announced via Twitter: “Flight #HC301 on behalf of Air Senegal from Dakar to Bamako experienced a hydraulic issue during acceleration for take-off on runway 01 resulting in a runway excursion. 11 of the 78 people on board sustained injuries.”, reports the Mirror.

This horrifying incident follows hot on the heels of another Boeing tragedy, where a FedEx-operated 767 cargo plane catastrophically crashed upon landing in Turkey after a landing gear malfunction.

Tyler Mitchell

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  1. It’s truly devastating to hear about yet another Boeing incident. Safety should always be the top priority in aviation to prevent such catastrophic events from reoccurring.

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