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Boeing 737 forced into emergency landing minutes after take-off in latest safety incident

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May13,2024

A Boeing 737 was forced to make an emergency landing minutes after taking off in the latest of several safety incidents to rock the embattled aircraft manufacturer.

Flight 166, a United Airlines 737 jet carrying 50 passengers from Fukuoka Airport in Japan and headed for Guam, landed just minutes after taking off after one of its wing flaps malfunctioned.

The Boeing aircraft safely landed back on the tarmac at Fukuoka around 11.45 am local time (3.45 am UK time) after a malfunctioning wing flap was detected.

It marks the fourth safety issue for Boeing planes in the last week including when 190 people were evacuated from a Boeing 737-800 belonging to Turkey-based Corendon Airlines when its tyre burst upon landing at Gazipasa airport yesterday.

Images from the scene show the stationary plane surrounded by emergency vehicles, its front wheels and landing gear visibly damaged.

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Alarming footage also surfaced yesterday, capturing the harrowing scene as panicked passengers escaped from a blazing Boeing 737-300 aircraft. The jet, carrying 78 passengers, had veered off the runway and ignited during take-off in Senegal.

While there is no indication of Boeing being responsible for the incidents, they further exacerbate concerns for the company already under intense scrutiny regarding safety issues and the recent deaths of two whistleblowers.

Boeing faces accusations of neglecting safety protocols while prioritizing diversity targets in its workforce and overcompensating executives working remotely. CEO Dave Calhoun announced his impending departure by year-end March, as share prices have plummeted.

In the recent crash landing in Senegal, the aircraft sustained significant damage when a failed takeoff attempt caused it to veer off the tarmac and into the bush near Blaise Diagne airport in Dakar. A video captured by a passenger showed flames coming from the left engine as passengers evacuated the plane using emergency slides.

Emergency responders swiftly evacuated the 79 passengers, two pilots, and four cabin crew aboard the Air Sénégal flight bound for Bamako, Mali. Eleven individuals sustained injuries, with four reported to be in serious condition.

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By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. I believe that Boeing needs to address these safety issues immediately to regain trust from the public. The recent incidents are alarming and raise serious concerns about the company’s handling of aircraft safety protocols.

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