Biden campaign hits Trump on ‘boring’ football comments ahead of NFL draft

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun9,2024

President Biden’s reelection campaign unveiled a digital ad ahead of Thursday night’s NFL draft, calling out former President Trump for saying football is “boring.”

The 20-second video opens with Trump saying at a rally that “football is boring as hell” and a photograph of Biden with Kansas City Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce during a visit to the White House after winning the Super Bowl last year.

It also includes Trump saying “nobody cares about football because of it … it’s boring” and shots of Biden holding a football with players.

“Make the right pick in November,” the ad concludes.

The video was released on the social platform X shortly before the first round of the NFL draft kicked off in Detroit. It aimed to highlight that “Biden is a proud football fan, cheering alongside the over 120 million Americans who watched this year’s Super Bowl,” according to the president’s campaign.

“You just posted a video where Biden could barely hold up a football. Dumbasses,” Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung wrote in a post on X.

“Here’s what a real athlete looks like,” Cheung added in the post, which included video of Trump throwing a football in 1992.

Second gentleman Douglas Emhoff attended the draft and said in a statement that Americans come together over football while Trump will likely “be sitting on the sidelines trying to make tonight about himself, rage-posting on his failing social media platform and spewing his extreme, divisive, and historically unpopular agenda.”

“Donald Trump’s hatred for football is as out-of-touch as his extreme agenda: his threats to democracy, his constant attacks on women’s rights, and his economic policies that leave working families out to dry,” Emhoff added.

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Biden campaign hits Trump on ‘boring’ football comments ahead of NFL draft”
  1. I believe that it’s important for political campaigns to focus on policies and not get distracted by comments on sports preferences. Voters want to hear about how each candidate plans to address crucial issues facing the country, rather than engage in a debate over whether football is boring or not.

  2. Why does Trump keep making comments about football being ‘boring’? Is he trying to appeal to a specific audience?

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