Benjamin Netanyahu ready to negotiate hostage release with Hamas

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul5,2024
Israel has dispatched a delegation to negotiate a hostage release deal with Hamas, a government official says, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to convene his security cabinet to discuss new Hamas positions on an accord.
The background: Israel received Hamas’ response on Wednesday to a proposal made public at the end of May by US President Joe Biden that would include the release of about 120 hostages held in Gaza and a ceasefire in the Palestinian enclave.
The plan includes the gradual release of Israeli hostages still being held in Gaza in three phases. This includes the pullback of Israeli forces over the first two phases as well as the freeing of Palestinian prisoners.

The key quote: “Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated that the war will end only after all its objectives have been achieved and not a moment before,” said the official.

What happens now: The cabinet will take place on Thursday. Netanyahu is set to have consultations with his ceasefire negotiations team beforehand.
Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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