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Big changes coming to Australia Post next week – and here’s how it’ll shake things up for you!

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May16,2024
Australia Post will no longer be forced to deliver letters daily, as it shifts to a new business model focusing on e-commerce and packages.
Under changes coming into effect next week (Monday 15 April), Australians can expect standard letters to be delivered every second day.
Posties will still prioritise express mail and parcels for daily delivery, under the first phase of new performance standards aimed at a more financially sustainable business model.

A national trial of the new delivery system found postal workers could carry 20 per cent more parcels when they skipped letter rounds, boosting productivity.

“The regulations governing Australia Post had previously required us to focus on everyday letter delivery, even when there were no letters to deliver,” Australia Post CEO and managing director Paul Graham said in a statement
“The new regulations will enable Australia Post to focus on what Australians want most; flexible and more reliable parcel deliveries with enhanced tracking technology.

“Households now receive about two letters per week, and we expect this to halve in the next five years.”

Package shift will not impact post office numbers

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland said there would be no changes to the minimum number of post offices nationwide.
She said Australia Post needed to adapt to reflect how Australians use the service.

“Australia Post can’t stand still. Consumer and small business demands are changing, and Australia Post also needs to adapt,” she said.

A man inserts letters into an Australia Post post box in Syndey's CBD.

The average Australian posts 15 letters a year and receives two a week, according to Australia Post. Source: AAP / Dan Himbrechts

According to Australia Post, four in five households bought something online in 2023 and 9.5 million received a parcel.

But letter volumes have declined by two-thirds since peaking in 2008.
Finance Minister Katy Gallagher said the measures are needed to keep the government-owned corporation viable after it recorded a $200 million loss last year.
“The fiscal sustainability of Australia Post is vital to the government’s ongoing commitment to provide high-quality postal services to Australians,” she said.

Australia Post said the new delivery model will be rolled out nationally by the end of 2025.

Emily Hudson

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  1. As a frequent online shopper, I’m excited about the changes Australia Post is making to focus more on e-commerce and parcel delivery. It makes sense to adjust the delivery schedule for standard letters since most of my communication is digital anyway. Looking forward to more efficient and reliable parcel deliveries!

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