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Anthony Albanese condemns China over ‘unacceptable’ fighter jet actions

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May21,2024
Australia has condemned the “incredibly dangerous” actions of a Chinese jet fighter after it dropped flares in front of a Navy helicopter, with the prime minister labelling it unprofessional and unacceptable.
The Royal Australian Navy Seahawk helicopter was forced to take “evasive action” to prevent being hit by flares launched by a J-10 Chinese Air Force plane, Defence Minister Richard Marles has revealed.
The flares were dropped about 300m in front of the chopper and about 60m above it, but the helicopter was unaffected and all the crew were safe.
The Navy aircraft was on a routine flight and operating from HMAS Hobart as part of an international effort to enforce UN sanctions on North Korea when the incident took place, at about 7.30pm on Saturday.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says he has made “appropriate diplomatic representations” to Beijing through all channels available to his government.

“We’ve made it very clear to China that this is unprofessional and that it’s unacceptable,” he told the Today show on Tuesday.

We’ve made it very clear to China that this is unprofessional and that it’s unacceptable.

Anthony Albanese

“It’s important that we make clear our position, which has been done at the diplomatic levels, at government to government, but also defence to defence as well.
“It’s important that we speak out when events like this occur.”

China has not yet responded publicly, but Albanese expects they will in due course.

‘Provocative, dangerous and unnecessary’

Opposition leader Peter Dutton also condemned the helicopter incident as “provocative, dangerous and unnecessary”.
“An Australian Defence Force member or members are going to lose their lives at some point because there will be an error in judgement by one of the fighter pilots or one of the naval personnel from the China side,” he told Channel Nine’s Today Show.
“They have put Australian lives at risk and that is completely unacceptable.”

At the end of April, the Philippines also accused China’s coast guard of damaging two boats in the South China Sea.

Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Anthony Albanese condemns China over ‘unacceptable’ fighter jet actions”
  1. I find it extremely concerning that China’s fighter jet engaged in such dangerous behavior. It’s crucial for countries to adhere to professional conduct in these situations. The response from Prime Minister Albanese reflects the severity of the issue and the need for immediate action.

  2. Anthony Albanese’s firm stance on China’s fighter jet actions is commendable. It’s crucial that Australia continues to assertively address such provocative and dangerous incidents. Diplomatic channels must be utilized effectively to ensure such behavior is not repeated.

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